Ideas You Can Do to Make Your Garage More Useful

Most people think of cars or tools when they think of a garage. If you think of it as a place to store things, you may not use your garage very often and don’t know what to do with the extra space. As you’ll see here, a garage can be used for a lot more than just storing things or parking cars. 

There are many great ways to turn your garage into a whole new room with a little work and some upgrades or you can add more garage cabinets

You need vertical storage to make your room feel bigger and more open. High shelves on the sides of the room or floating wall shelves are useful because they let you get things off the floor so they don’t get in the way or look messy. Put things you don’t use often up high on shelves or hooks, and keep the things you need most close to your eyes. 

If you have kids, using the space in your garage that isn’t being used to make a playroom is a great idea because it will give your kids plenty of room to play. 

With more shelves, you can keep track of your toys, games, and crafts better. By putting down colorful flooring and mats, you can add more color to the room and make the floor more comfortable. In the warmer months, just open the garage door to turn the room into an indoor/outdoor playground. 

You can jam with your band and record music in the garage. To keep sound from bouncing off the walls, soundproof your garage by buying good insulation materials. Make a cozy room with mood lighting to get in the mood to record. Warm-colored string lights are the best way to set the mood in a room. 

The last step is to get the tools you need for your garage. A big garage is a great place to store your instruments and use as a recording studio. If you’re a producer, you need to make sure you have the right tech for recording music. 

Make your garage into a beautiful guest room by fixing it up. Think about putting in windows to let in natural light and plumbing so that guests can use their own bathroom. 

If your garage doesn’t have any windows, it’s the best place in your house to watch a movie. If it has windows, you can make it into a home theater by covering them up during the day. You can turn your garage into a movie theater by buying a movie projector or a big TV. You can put a flatscreen TV on the back of your garage door or hang a white sheet to project movies on. 

You might want to add recliners so it feels like you’re in a real movie theater. For the best movie-watching experience, you should buy good speakers, soundproofing materials to keep the noise in, and a popcorn machine. 

Towing Your Car the Right Way  

There are many factors to consider before towing a vehicle, whether the car broke down, or it was involved in an accident, or just simply pulling it to a different location, there is a proper way to tow your car. Different car manufacturers, from Chevrolet to Honda, these makes have different specific guidelines when it comes to towing these vehicles. Another factor is what drives it is, whether front-wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or four wheels and all wheel drive. It is important to know these things as not to damage your vehicle when towing them.  

Depending on multiple factors, there are many ways on how to pull your car properly as not to cause any harm. There are a few basic ways to tow your car, towing with all four wheel off the ground, towing with two wheels on the ground, and towing with all four wheels on the ground. All these methods have different purposes and use, especially for the drive of the car that’s being towed. Using the wrong method can and will lead to severe damage to your transmission.   

The best way to tow a vehicle of any drive, whether all wheel drive, front or rear wheel drive is to tow it on a flatbed that raises all four wheels off the ground. This way, there is no movement happening with the car itself while it is being towed which won’t cause any damage at all. Many companies rent out these flatbed trailers that you can hook up to your car or truck that let you tow the vehicle with all wheels off the ground.   

Towing with two wheels on the ground, however, isn’t as simple. When towing with two wheels in the field, a device called a dolly is needed, where the dolly is connected to the car that is doing the towing, while the car this is being towed, has the two front wheels fastened and secured on the dolly. This works well with front wheel drive cars, as the drive wheels are raised off of the ground.   

Towing a rear wheel drive with a towing dolly, however, requires a little bit more of work. If you plan on towing a rear wheel drive car with a dolly, the drive shaft of the vehicle must be disconnected and removed as not to cause any damage to the transmission.   

Another method for towing is using a tow bar. A tow bar is a triangular shaped metal device that connects to point to the towing car, while the wider end attaches to the bumper of the car that is being towed. This entails that the car being towed has all four wheels on the ground. If your car has a manual transmission, all you need to do is to put it in neutral and disengage the parking brakes.   

When using a tow bar with an automatic transmission, however, you will need to use a lube pump, to provide proper lubrication and to calm to the transmission of the car. This is important because since the car isn’t turned on, the pump for the transmission isn’t turned on as well.   

Whether your broken Chevrolet needs to be towed to the nearest gas stop for engine problems, or simply hauling it at the back of an RV, proper towing guidelines must be met to ensure safety not just to the car, but to you as a driver and other drivers around you. Ensure that there is a proper sign that indicates a vehicle that is being towed, notifying drivers that are tailing you.   

When Is the Time to Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Homeowners usually think about their carpet’s cleanliness once it’s spilled with food or wine on them. Also, the most common mistake that they do is rubbing the stain right away, but then don’t clean the rest. When you own a carpeted flooring, there’s a possibility that you have never reconsidered having them professionally cleaned for a long time.  

Except if you are quite a clean freak, then you’re probably guilty of that. Most of you fail to realize that your carpets should be cleaned from time to time. It’s wrong to believe that just because it does not look dirty, then it isn’t.  

Actually, carpets are required to be cleaned by the carpet experts at least 1-2 times every year, particularly for your warranty to pay for any damages done. If you’re still unsure when should get your carpets cleaned, check out the following tips and signs that you should do it ASAP. 

Stains everywhere 

Chances are you’ve decided to neglect cleaning one or several stains on your carpet. If that’s the case, your carpet will be very discolored and look worse to wear eventually. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t hurt if you ask an expert to look at it.  

At times, a good cleaning can change how your home will look. You will end up having visitors who wonder if you have renovated the area.  

Your allergies are back 

During the mid-winter season, you start to feel sniffly and stuffy. So. This might be the best time to check your carpet. Environmental debris like pollens can slowly amass on your flooring during the entire year, which can help allergens to survive right under your feet— literally. 

Apart from that, pet dander, dead skin, insect particle, and dirt can be tracked into your carpet. If you can’t remember when was the last time you have had professional carpet cleaning, now is the time to book for one today. Your sinuses will thank you for that.  

Weird smell 

If you ever smelled something funky after walking into your house, then you know that something’s not right in your house. Usually, people tend to take their garbage out and forget about it after some time. But your carpets could be the culprit and the source of the weird smell.  

If you always end up smelling a weird smell even after cleaning out the refrigerator and taking out your trash, that’s a major sign that you should ask the experts and get your home checked and your carpets cleaned, if needed.  

You cannot remember 

Now is the time to contact a professional carpet cleaning Raleigh NC service if you can’t recall the last time you’ve gotten your carpets cleaned thoroughly. To prevent experiencing foul smells, carpet deterioration, and unwanted allergies, you have to book regular carpet cleaning sessions every 12-48 months. On top of that, you can prolong the lifespan of your carpet if you always keep your carpet updated and cleaned from time to time.