Most people think of cars or tools when they think of a garage. If you think of it as a place to store things, you may not use your garage very often and don’t know what to do with the extra space. As you’ll see here, a garage can be used for a lot more than just storing things or parking cars. 

There are many great ways to turn your garage into a whole new room with a little work and some upgrades or you can add more garage cabinets

You need vertical storage to make your room feel bigger and more open. High shelves on the sides of the room or floating wall shelves are useful because they let you get things off the floor so they don’t get in the way or look messy. Put things you don’t use often up high on shelves or hooks, and keep the things you need most close to your eyes. 

If you have kids, using the space in your garage that isn’t being used to make a playroom is a great idea because it will give your kids plenty of room to play. 

With more shelves, you can keep track of your toys, games, and crafts better. By putting down colorful flooring and mats, you can add more color to the room and make the floor more comfortable. In the warmer months, just open the garage door to turn the room into an indoor/outdoor playground. 

You can jam with your band and record music in the garage. To keep sound from bouncing off the walls, soundproof your garage by buying good insulation materials. Make a cozy room with mood lighting to get in the mood to record. Warm-colored string lights are the best way to set the mood in a room. 

The last step is to get the tools you need for your garage. A big garage is a great place to store your instruments and use as a recording studio. If you’re a producer, you need to make sure you have the right tech for recording music. 

Make your garage into a beautiful guest room by fixing it up. Think about putting in windows to let in natural light and plumbing so that guests can use their own bathroom. 

If your garage doesn’t have any windows, it’s the best place in your house to watch a movie. If it has windows, you can make it into a home theater by covering them up during the day. You can turn your garage into a movie theater by buying a movie projector or a big TV. You can put a flatscreen TV on the back of your garage door or hang a white sheet to project movies on. 

You might want to add recliners so it feels like you’re in a real movie theater. For the best movie-watching experience, you should buy good speakers, soundproofing materials to keep the noise in, and a popcorn machine.